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Finger Vein Recognition Technology

   Finger vein recognition is a new biometric recognition technology.  It uses pattern recognition techniques based on images of human finger vein patterns beneath the skin's surface.  As blood vessel patterns are unique to each individual. Unlike other biometric recognition method,blood vessel patterns are almost impossible to counterfeit because they are located beneath the skin's surface and can only be obtained from a living person. So the finger vein recognition have extremly high security level. 

How Does Finger Vein Recognition Work?
  To obtain finger vein features, an individual need to inserts a finger into a finger vein scanner which contains a near-infrared light-emitting diode (LED) light and a monochrome charge-coupled device (CCD) camera. The hemoglobin in the blood absorbs near-infrared LED light, which makes the finger vein appear as a dark pattern of lines. The camera records the image, then finger vein algorithm digitalized the image and create a finger vein template data and save in device or database. 
Technical Features of Finger Vein Recognition
     1. Live Detection
        As the dark pattern of line only shows when there is blood flows in the vascular, the scanner can not capture any features if the finger is not live. 
     2. Internal feature
         When identify finger vein, the vein image features inside of finger are obtained, not the image features on the surface of finger. Therefore, it will not be affected by the damaged fingers, dry fingers or wet fingers and other conditions
     3. Non-Contact 
         When identify finger vein and obtain finger vein image, fingers don’t need to touch the device, recognition could be accomplished with a gentle release. This method avoid the insanitation problem caused by touching device and avoid the features on the surface of finger from copying (avoid the safety problem caused by copying the features on the surface of finger.) , it avoids the psychological discomfort caused by considering as the object of examination, and it will not be unrecognized because of dirty finger.
          As vein is inside of the finger, the influences of external factors like temperature could be neglected, it could be applied to almost all users. User acceptance is good
          Except that no need to touch with the scanner surface, this non-invasive scanning process is simple and natural, which ease (lighten) users’ resistance due to fear of hygiene or troublesome use
      4. High Security Level
          The live detection, internal features and non-contact features mentioned above make sure that users' finger vein feature is very hard to be counterfeited. So the security level of finger vein recognition system is very high and especially suitable for the places with high safety requirements

Advantages of CAMABIO Finger Vein Recognition Technology
   Fingerprint vein recognition technology is the newest technology developed by CAMABIO R&D Team.  Based on CAMABIO's pattern recognition technology and biometric hardware manufacturing R&D Experience, CAMABIO finger vein recognition technology have following advantages 
       1. CAMABIO can provide full one-stop finger vein technology solutions (from module to finished product and system software)
       2. More sensitive scanner. Solve the problem of high requirement for finger position
       3. Smaller size all-in-one finger vein scanner module. Optimized product structures 
       4. Full technical support based on years biometric development experience