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Face recognition module


Model: Independant core technology face recognition module

Image scanner: USB UVC camera

Face image: 1024bytes

Input voltage: DC5V

Working current: <120mA

Communication: UART, USB, RJ45

Product details


CAMA face recognition module is composed of Video Processing System, Power Supply System, Interfacing System, etc. with face detection and recognition function. 
It used the deep learning face recognition algorithm and could support offline face recognition. 
      CAMA face recognition module supports RS232 serial port communication, it is easy for biometric device manufacturers to do integration works. 

Main function: 
      1. Support UART, USB, RJ45
      2. Face template: 1024 bytes
      3. 1: N identification and 1: 1 verification
      4. Cycle collection and comparison
      5. Face template data read from / write to Flash memory function
      6. Get feature data of collected face and verify downloaded feature with collected face
      7. Able to set BaudRate and adjust Security Level
      8. Able to set module password 
      9. Face capacity: 200/500/1000/2000/5000