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CAMA-2000 Desktop USB fingerprint scanner


Model No.: CAMA-2000 Desktop USB Fingerprint Scanner
Sensor: Optical fingerprint sensor 

Scan area: 16mm * 14mm

Acceptable fingerprint angle: ±45°

Fingerprint capacity: 3000/ 100000

FRR: ≤0.01%

FAR: ≤0.0001%

Port: USB2.0

Product details

CAMA-2000 Desktop USB Fingerprint Scanner
CAMA- 2000 Desktop USB Fingerprint Scanner is specially designed for secondary development application projects with fingerprint verification algorithm, application ports. With some accessional application software, it can be integrated as social fingerprint collecting system, online fingerprint device, online fingerprint time and attendance machine, fingerprint local protection system and fingerprint network logon system. In order to make more convenient for secondary developers in the application field, we provide corresponding development kits.
Product Features

   1. USB port, compact, lightweight and portable
   2. Support 1:1, 1, 1:N fingerprint verification
   3. High speed identification time: 1:100000(10000 fingerprints/second)
   4. Support Windows SDK for free
   5. Strong extended capacity(can be extended to 100000 fingerprints) 

Product Specifications 



Fingerprint   Sensor 

Optical   Fingerprint Sensor

Fingerprint   Algorithm

CAMABIO   Fingerprint Algorithm

Acceptable   fingerprint angle


Fingerprint   capacity


Image   Resolution

500 DPI

Identification   mode

1:N, 1:1

Communication   Interface

USB 2.0


< 0.1%


< 0.001%

Working temperature

0℃ - 60℃

Working   humidity

10% - 90%

Storage   humidity

-10℃ - 80℃

Static current


Life time

>1500000   times



Technical Support

CAMA-2000 Desktop USB fingerprint scanner is not a finished product, you still need to do software development according our SDK.


To support you secondary development , we will provide you SDK with following development language


If you have any technical questions before you buy CAMA-2000 Desktop USB fingerprint scanner, you can contact cama@szcama.com for support.

Where You Can Use This Product?
  The CAMA-2000 Desktop USB Fingerprint Scanner can be widly used in following applications
           1.  PC based time attendance solution
           2.  Fingerprint management server center
           3.  Premium membership management system
           4.  Access control management system
           5.  Fingerprint enrollment management center

FAQs About CAMA-2000 Desktop USB Fingerprint Scanner
  1. If the CAMA-2000 can be directly be used by ordinary end users ?
      Answer:  The CAMA-2000 Desktop usb fingerprint scanner is not a finished product for end users, it will need software engineers to develop specific application software according our SDK. 
  2. If CAMA-2000'fingerprint template is compatible with other manufacturer's fingerprint scanner ?
      Answer: No, CAMA-2000 only support CAMABIO format fingerprint template.  If CAMA-2000 need to work together with other device,  other device also need to user CAMA-SM15 or CAMA-SM25 optical fingerprint sensor module 
  3. If CAMA-2000 can be used for server authentication application ?
       Answer: Yes, It can be used for server authentication application, but in this server system, it not allowed other manufacturer's fingerprint module or capture device exist.  Or it will have compatible problem. 

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