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Finger Vein recognition module


Model: Live finger vein recognition module

CPU: ARM Cotex-m7 

Filter: 850nm 

Camera: CMOS camera

Infrard LED: 850nm, 15°

Input voltage: UART 3.3V ±10%/ USB: DC5V

Working current: <50mA 

Product details


CAMA Finger vein is an embedded finger vein scanner device based on ARM processor with the advantages of compact design, low consumption, low cost and convenient use.  It is convenient to be embedded into the user system. 

     Main function: 
     1. Send and Receive command by UART
     2. Conduct debug by USB
     3. Auto touch sense function
     4. Able to set Baudrate
     5. Able to set device no. 
     6. Able to set security level
     7. Read and Write function

Currently, this module is in developing, coming soon!!!