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Face recognition time attendance


Model: Multi-functional face recognition time attendance

User capacity: 1000

Register mode: Face, ID card, Password

Product details


      CAMA face recognition time attendance is developed based on our fingerprint recognition module, 
which used the deep learning face recognition algorithm and could support offline recognition. 
      CAMA face time attendance is USB communication interface with infrared lighting function and with built-in SD card socket for the extension of face capacity.
Multi-language system and cloud sever management are supported, it is convinient for customers to manage attendance datas from different branch sites.

Main function:
     1. 1000 users
     2. Register mode: Face, ID card and Password
     3. 5.0 inch touch screen 
     4. Support cloud sever management 
     5. Support data output by USB Disk
     6. Fast recognition speed (<1s)

Currently, the product is still under the developmen, it will be coming soon!!!