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CAMA-AFM360V3 FBI certified fingerprint scanners


Model: CAMA-AFM360V3 FBI certified fingerprint scanners

Sensor: Capacitive Fingerprint  Sensor 

Fingerprint image size: 256 x 360 (pixel)

Template Format: ISO19794-2, ANSI378

1:1 and 1:N Fingerprint verification support

Resolution: 508dpi

Power supply: DC5V

Operating system: Windows 10 (64bit) / Android (5.0 Newer)

Communication interface: USB

Product details

CAMA-AFM360V3 FBI certified fingerprint scanners

CAMA-AFM360V3 is latest capacitive fingerprint module developed by CAMABIO. It is special designed for biometric recognition device like biometric mobile device, POS terminal, biometric voter machine, SIM card registration fingerprint scanner, Bank biometric authentication devices, etc..

Product Features 

   # FBI PIV Image Quality

   # Support WSQ Image Format

   # Windows and Android SDK Supported

   # Support Live Finger Detection

   # International Standard Supported: ISO19794-2/4, ANSI 378/381

   # Support 1:1: and 1:N verification

   # FAR<0.001% FAR<0.1%

   # Interface: 5V USB 
   # Pixel Matrix: 256 x 360 Pixel
   # Resolution: 508dpi
   # Operating system: Windows 10 (64bit) / Android (5.0 Newer)

Product Specifiications

Sensor Type  Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor
Sensor Area 18.81mm x 13.54mm
Resolution / Grey Scale 508dpi / 256 level
Pixel Matrix  256 x 360 Pixel
Template Format
ISO19794-2, ANSI378
Matching time Average Time in case of 1:40,000 matching <1s
Live Fingerprint Detection Support Live Finger Detection
Sensor size 35mm x 23mm x 3.9mm
ESD Contact: ±8KV, Air: ±15KV
Fingerprint Matching Mode
1:1 and 1:N Fingerprint Verification
Interface 5V USB
FRR False Rejection Rate <0.1%
FAR False Acceptance Rate <0.001%
Working environment -20 to 60℃ / 10-90%
Operating System Windows 10 (64bit) / Android (5.0 newer)
Support International Standard ANSI_FMR (ANSI / INCITS 378-2009)
ISO_FMR (ISO / IEC 19794-2 : 2011)
ISO_FIR (ISO / IEC 19794-4 : 2011)
WSQ (Wavelet Scalar Quantization)
NFIQ (NIST Fingerprint Image Quality)

Technical Support
To support you electronic engineers to do developing works, CAMABIO will provide you following materials after you bought the product


1. AFM360V3 Datasheet   

2. CamaFinger SDK


If you have any technical questions before you buy CAMA-AFM360V3 FBI PIV Certified capacitive fingerprint sensor module, you can contact camasales02@camabio.com for support.

Where you can use this product ?

CAMA-AFM360V3 FBI PIV Certified capacitive fingerprint sensor module can be widely used for products below

1. Biometric mobile device

2. POS terminal

3. Biometric voter machine

4. SIM card registration fingerprint scanner

5. Bank biometric authentication devices

FAQs About CAMA-AFM360V3 FBI Certified Fingerprint Sensor Scanners

1. Does the CAMA-AFM360V3 Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor Module support Windows, Android system?
    Answer:  Yes, CAMA-AFM360V3 Capacitive fingerprint sensor module can workd with these operating system.  Actually CAMA-AFM360V3 Capacitive fingerprint sensor module supports Windows and Android SDK. 

2. Does CAMA-AFM360V3 Capacitive fingerprint sensor module support read and write fingerprint template ?
    Answer:  Yes, CAMA-AFM360V3 Capacitive fingerprint sensor module supports read and wrtie fingerprint template.

3. Does the CAMA-AFM360V3 Capacitive fingerprint sensor module provide FBI certification ?
    Answer:  Yes, CAMA-AFM360V3 capacitive fingerprint sensor module provides FBI  Personal Identify Verification (PIV) certification.

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